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    • Derek Rimmer: A report in the YEP The artists impression in the report shows, that as suspected, it will be a double...
    • Ray W: First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1...
    • Ray W: 95 is being replaced by 1 and 6 each going to a 7 minute freqency, 15 on Sundays
    • Bill: Thanks Derek for this information.
    • Bill: Thanks for your comment Peter. The talk last week was given by Dave Haskins from Metro. In October last year,...
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Welcome to Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online, a place where we the local residents can express our views about what's happening in our area.

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Message from the school

The local community has taken over Royal Park School in order to repair it, and to protect it from further vandalism. They have issued the following statement : Save Our School Royal Park Primary School was closed in 2004 by Leeds City Council. On its closure our community was promised that it would be retained […]

Another Leeds University assault on our area

In yet another assault on Hyde Park and Woodhouse, the City Centre plans panel this afternoon gave it’s approval to a planning application from Leeds University to relocate the School of Law to a single site at the junction of Moorland Road and Belle Vue Road. It will mean the demolition of the buildings shown […]

Going after the student vote – part 2

The announcement last year that the Lib Dem leadership was planning to drop the party’s pledge to scrap tuition fees will have set alarm bells ringing for Lib Dem MPs in constituencies with large numbers of students like Leeds North West. That’s because such MPs believe they hold their seats due to the student vote. […]

Going after the student vote

Our Lib Dem councillors are trying to alter polling district boundaries and polling stations to enable more students to vote on or close to the university campus. If successful, their proposals would effectively disenfranchise many permanent residents. The first alteration would involve transferring voters from part of polling district HWD to polling district HWF. The Lib […]

The road widening threat to Woodhouse Moor is back, and it’s called NGT

Last Thursday, the 18th June, Leeds City Council and Metro unveiled their plans for New Generation Transport (NGT), a scheme that would see trolleybuses running in leeds for the first time since 1928.  The plan is to have three routes; the East Route, the South Route, and the North Route, with the trolleybuses running along […]

Our councillors’ ideal resident

Last Summer, our councillors sponsored a DPPO (Designated Public Places Order) intended to ban anti-social drinking in public in parts of Little London and on Hanover and Woodhouse Squares. The DPPO was opposed by North Hyde Park Neighbourhood Association, South Headingley Community Association and Friends of Woodhouse Moor, on the grounds that street drinkers displaced […]


I attended the recent INWAC Meeting on 2nd April, 09 and came away extremely disappointed by the way in which the meeting was conducted. There were a number of points that showed the behaviour of some INWAC Councillors to be unseemly. 1. The Chairman of the meeting, Councillor Monaghan, was curt to several members of […]


It was great that so many of you came out to the bowls pavilion on Thursday afternoon to express an opinion on the council’s barbeque proposal. It was wild and windy but that didn’t put you off.  Even Lib Dem Councillor Penny Ewens was there for part of the time. Councillor Ewens you should know, […]

Friday’s Barbeque Consultation at the Students’ Union Building

Our councillors are proposing two very large barbeque areas. These will be covered with concrete slabs in the hope that people will rest their barbeques on them. It wasn’t made clear what will happen if people don’t use the slabs or if they barbeque outside the designated areas. They don’t know yet how much all […]

“Hyde Park” or Woodhouse Moor?

In the early 1800s a family called Atkinson had a farm on the site of what is now Wrangthorn Church, whose fields stretched down as far as Woodhouse Ridge. Atkinson and a few friends hired a hansome, and took a trip down to London. After the three-day journey back from the great capital, and over […]

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