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    • Derek Rimmer: A report in the YEP The artists impression in the report shows, that as suspected, it will be a double...
    • Ray W: First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1...
    • Ray W: 95 is being replaced by 1 and 6 each going to a 7 minute freqency, 15 on Sundays
    • Bill: Thanks Derek for this information.
    • Bill: Thanks for your comment Peter. The talk last week was given by Dave Haskins from Metro. In October last year,...
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Welcome to Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online, a place where we the local residents can express our views about what's happening in our area.

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Councillors have been misled by planning officers into agreeing to re-designate a junior rugby pitch as housing land

Willow Road Junior Rugby Pitch photographed in September 2014 ooooo For many years, the green space just south of Burley Liberal Club was used by Queens Rugby Club as a junior rugby pitch and for pre-season training. The Club rented the land from Leeds City Council which provided £16,000 for a high wire mesh fence […]

New website launched to fund playing field purchase

A new website has been launched where you can pledge money to try and save a 100 year old sports field in Leeds six. The field is currently subject to a development proposal to make it into a student village for 256 students. We feel that it would be much better if the field would […]

Planning Application 16/04778/FU

A planning application has been submitted to build a 130 bedroom student block on the site of the former St Anne’s Primary School in Woodhouse Square. The following images have been extracted from documents submitted by the developer with his application. Text has been added to each of the images to explain why various aspects […]

The Former Park Hotel, Hyde Park, Leeds

A planning application 16/02991/FU has been submitted to replace a building containing 38 student beds with a building containing 42 student beds and 9 professional beds, a total of 51 beds. The building to be demolished is the former Park Hotel at 82 Hyde Park Road. The three following images show that the proposed building […]

Application 16/01322/FU (amended)

Burley Place Limited has amended planning application 16/01322/FU.The amended version of the planning application is almost identical to the unamended version, except that: It’s being proposed to remove a small corner section of the top floor of the building facing towards Park Lane and placing it on top of the opposite end of the building […]

Application 16/01322/FU ( 46 Burley Street )

Planning application 14/03735/FU was submitted on the 24th June 2014 by Burley Place Limited. It was for an 8 storey student block at 46 Burley Street that would have provided 128 studio flats. The proposed building would have replaced the original building on the site which had one storey facing onto Park Lane. This building […]

Local Property Owned in Offshore Tax Havens

There has never been an easy way of knowing whether a company is based overseas. This is because there is no UK register of overseas companies operating in the UK. But now, this has changed. Private Eye has produced an interactive map 1 which allows you to see which properties are owned by offshore companies, […]

46 Burley Street Appeal (APP/N4720/W/15/3005747)

Planning application 14/03735/FU was submitted on the 24th June 2014 by Burley Place Limited. It was for an 8 storey student block at 46 Burley Street that would have provided 128 studio flats. In October 2014 the application was revised bringing the number of flats down to 113 and increasing the height of the building […]

Major Errors in the Draft Site Allocations Plan show Hyde Park and Woodhouse with surplus Open Space when it actually has a deficit in all categories of Open Space

The Draft Site Allocations Plan1 contains numerous errors in its calculation of open space provision in Hyde Park and Woodhouse ward. This is a serious flaw as the amount of new housing that a ward can sustain is based on the open space provision that would be available to new residents. . Paragraph 1.2 of […]

Senior Council and Metro Officers Discuss the Monument Moor Problem

The proposed trolleybus route across Monument Moor . The re-emergence in Autumn 2013 of the inspector’s report on the Liverpool trolleybus application,1 and the secretary of state’s decision,2 showed opponents of the current Leeds trolleybus scheme that failure to replace open space is sufficient reason to recommend rejection of an application for a TWAO. The […]

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