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Home » Royal Park School – the council thinks it’s in Harehills !

Royal Park School – the council thinks it’s in Harehills !

“Vision for Leeds 2004 to 2020″ is a document produced by Leeds Initiative, a body which describes itself as “a public, private & community partnership for Leeds, led by the City Council”. According to their website, “The Vision for Leeds is a long-term strategy for the economic, social and environmental development of the city”.

On page 67 of the Vision it states :

Leeds is a unique city made up of very different places and communities, including rural areas, market towns, outlying areas and inner-city neighbourhoods. Every neighbourhood, village and town in Leeds needs its own identity and role.

This is very true. So why then on the same page is there a picture of Royal Park Road with the caption “A street in Harehills” ? The photograph with its caption reveal the above statement to be nothing more than another meaningless Leeds City Council platitude. It’s clear that to the people behind this document, one inner city area is pretty much the same as any other.

2 Responses to “Royal Park School – the council thinks it’s in Harehills !”

  1. Martin Dean Says:

    Hi there – just spotted this blog thanks to the link today from the Guardian Leeds website.
    My team are responsible for the Vision for Leeds document referred to – and we have to put our hands up – it was a captioning error and an honest mistake. We are sorry. We made it in 2004 – and no slur was intended on either Harehills or Hyde Park communities.

    We are about to start the process of public consultation on a renewed Vision for the city – looking ahead to 2030. We have a campaign website http://www.whatifleeds.org and discussions are starting on facebook (www.facebook.com/whatifleeds) and twitter @whatifleeds

    We would love to have the views of the readers of this blog

    best wishes


  2. Bill Says:

    Hi Martin. Thanks for the apology. Don’t worry about it. These things happen. Thanks too for letting us know about the new consultation. Good luck with that. I hope you get a good cross section of opinion.

    Best wishes.


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