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    • Derek Rimmer: A report in the YEP The artists impression in the report shows, that as suspected, it will be a double...
    • Ray W: First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1...
    • Ray W: 95 is being replaced by 1 and 6 each going to a 7 minute freqency, 15 on Sundays
    • Bill: Thanks Derek for this information.
    • Bill: Thanks for your comment Peter. The talk last week was given by Dave Haskins from Metro. In October last year,...
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Welcome to Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online, a place where we the local residents can express our views about what's happening in our area.

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John Lawrence on the community’s bid for Royal Park School

I want to tell you where we are in with our bid. The occupation made a lot of things happen. It galvanized the public support which we knew we had, but it also brought new people and fresh ideas to the campaign. We have consultants including an architect, a building engineer, a sustainability engineer and […]

Royal Park School – the council thinks it’s in Harehills !

“Vision for Leeds 2004 to 2020″ is a document produced by Leeds Initiative, a body which describes itself as “a public, private & community partnership for Leeds, led by the City Council”. According to their website, “The Vision for Leeds is a long-term strategy for the economic, social and environmental development of the city”. On […]

When a council acts against its own citizens

Leeds City Council closed Royal Park School five years ago. Since then, it’s allowed the school to be vandalised, and has done nothing to repair the resulting damage. Two weeks ago, local residents moved into the school to prevent further deterioration and to make repairs. Everyone in the area rallied round, including a local firm […]

The Empire strikes back

Leeds City Council has allowed Royal Park School to lie empty for five years. During this time, they’ve allowed the building to fall into disrepair. Lead was stolen from the roof five months ago, and the council did nothing about it. But now that local people have intervened to save the building, Leeds City Council has moved swiftly to evict […]

Royal Park School jumble sale

I arrived at the school at midday, just minutes after the jumble sale had begun. Already the hall was busy with people browsing through piles of jumble. This amazing turnout at what for many people is lunchtime, shows how much this building means to local people, and how determined they are to save it. Whilst […]

Residents act to save Royal Park School

In June of this year, lead was stolen from the roof of Royal Park Primary School, allowing water to penetrate the building and damage its fabric. Already, plasterwork, paintwork, and a beautiful parquet floor have been damaged. In the face of Leeds City Council’s failure to replace the lead, or to protect the building, local […]

Council vandalism

When it was decided to close Royal Park School, the ruling Labour group promised to retain the building for community use. But then in May 2004, the Lib Dems and Conservatives took power and failed to honour the pledge made that was made by their predecessors. And so the building has been allowed to lie […]