dsc02893bIt was great that so many of you came out to the bowls pavilion on Thursday afternoon to express an opinion on the council’s barbeque proposal. It was wild and windy but that didn’t put you off.  Even Lib Dem Councillor Penny Ewens was there for part of the time. Councillor Ewens you should know, is a champion of a supposed right to barbeque on Woodhouse Moor. It’s great to know that in a ward where the bins regularly don’t get emptied, where rats roam freely feeding on discarded takeaways, and where illegal and dangerous parking is tolerated, that Councillor Ewens is prepared to use our council tax and council resources in her mission to establish barbeque areas on Woodhouse Moor.

dsc02879bEven Sparky the dog came along to have his say about barbeques. Sparky doesn’t like barbeques because when people leave them lying around, his owner won’t allow him on the park. Caring dog owners avoid the park when it’s covered with discarded disposable barbeque grilles as they can cause serious injury. One of Sparky’s doggy friends had to have stitches in his lip when he tried to eat the meat that had been left on one of the razor sharp barbeque grilles. Sparky lives on the other side of the road from the park. It’s a real shame that he and other dogs can’t use their local park because of Leeds City Council’s craven attitude towards the people who are making such a mess of the place. One thing I’m willing to bet, Sparky won’t be voting for Councillor Ewens when she stands for re-election.  And neither will his owner.

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