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    • Derek Rimmer: A report in the YEP The artists impression in the report shows, that as suspected, it will be a double...
    • Ray W: First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1...
    • Ray W: 95 is being replaced by 1 and 6 each going to a 7 minute freqency, 15 on Sundays
    • Bill: Thanks Derek for this information.
    • Bill: Thanks for your comment Peter. The talk last week was given by Dave Haskins from Metro. In October last year,...
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Welcome to Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online, a place where we the local residents can express our views about what's happening in our area.

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Talk by Alderman Don Townsley on why NGT is bad for Leeds

NGT, Greg Mulholland, and the trip to Budapest

At the start of this year At the start of this year, MP Greg Mulholland flew to Budapest to learn about trolleybuses. During his visit, he was told by a representative of the body that administers Budapest’s transport, that trolleybuses do not lead to increased use of public transport. He was also told that Budapest […]

Leeds residents condemn NGT

The Yorkshire Evening Post has published several letters recently that criticise the NGT trolleybus scheme. There were letters from Bill McKinnon and Dawn Carey Jones who are concerned about the plan to route the trolleybuses across a section of Woodhouse Moor. Andrew Batty points out that the trolleybuses will be bendybuses with wires, and that […]

NGT and Metro’s obsession with trolleybuses

An earlier incarnation of NGT was the failed Electrobus scheme of the 1980s. Metro’s original intention in 1980 had been to re-introduce trolleybuses to Bradford. But after two failed attempts to secure government funding, Leeds was included in the scheme, in the hope that this would persuade the government to change its mind. But the […]

Thoughts at the Leeds Girls High Public Inquiry

Bridge Workshop – Swarthmore Centre – 10am – 1.00pm Saturday 12th March

Twelve years ago, the Planning Department was saying there was “gross deficiency in playing pitch provision” in our area . . .

In a now highly embarassing note dated the 11th February 1998, made in connection with the university’s objections to the inclusion of the former Grammar School cricket pitch within the UDP as an N6 Protected Playing Pitch, the Planning Dept commented as follows : : The council responded to these objections, considering that there was […]

What the Inspector said when the Grammar School tried to get the N6 Protected status removed from its playing field

Back in the 1990s, Leeds Grammar School wanted planning permission to build on their cricket pitch in Hyde Park. But they had a problem in that the pitch had been given N6 Protected status in the draft Unitary Development Plan. So they appealed to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol against the inclusion of the playing […]

The Death of Albert Slingsby

Albert at Leeds Civic Hall wearing the ‘Save Our Moor’ banner Albert Albert Slingbsy was a life-long community activist. I first met him in 2006 at a meeting of the Friends of the Earth. I had gone there to ask for support for the Friends of Woodhouse Moor campaign to stop the council building a […]

Royal Park School – the council thinks it’s in Harehills !

“Vision for Leeds 2004 to 2020″ is a document produced by Leeds Initiative, a body which describes itself as “a public, private & community partnership for Leeds, led by the City Council”. According to their website, “The Vision for Leeds is a long-term strategy for the economic, social and environmental development of the city”. On […]

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