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    • Derek Rimmer: A report in the YEP The artists impression in the report shows, that as suspected, it will be a double...
    • Ray W: First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1...
    • Ray W: 95 is being replaced by 1 and 6 each going to a 7 minute freqency, 15 on Sundays
    • Bill: Thanks Derek for this information.
    • Bill: Thanks for your comment Peter. The talk last week was given by Dave Haskins from Metro. In October last year,...
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Welcome to Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online, a place where we the local residents can express our views about what's happening in our area.

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Revealed : Metro’s plan to tarmac even more of Woodhouse Moor

Little Moor, with Woodhouse Cliff on the right, and the existing school access road on the left . It’s bad enough that Metro and Leeds City Council want to run trolleybuses across Monument Moor. Now, thanks to the efforts of a vigilant local resident, we have learnt that they also plan to tarmac sections of […]

NGT – The Vehicle Stacking System on Woodhouse Moor

The traffic queues that daily stretch all the way from Headingley Hill to Hyde Park Corner are soon to become a thing of the past. And the jam that stretches from the city centre to the junction with Clarendon Road is also to be consigned to history. The highways engineers behind NGT have come up […]

NGT – Woodhouse Moor to be sacrificed so motorists won’t be held up

Annn article in the Yorkshire Evening Post informs us that the NGT trolleybus An article in the Yorkshire Evening Post informs us that the NGT trolleybus scheme has been given the green light, but fails to mention that the proposed route will take it across Woodhouse Moor. The original idea behind NGT was to get […]

Festival of Britain – documentary film

The documentary “1951 Festival of Britain, Brave New World” will be shown on BBC2 at 8PM on Saturday 24th September 2011. It will include footage from “Travelling Exhibition” local film-maker Eric Hall’s short film about the visit of the Festival of Britain Land Travelling Exhbition to Woodhouse Moor. .

Conservation Area Appraisal – Exhibition and public meeting at Wrangthorn Church Hall – 2.00 to 4.00pm Saturday 12th March

If you’re concerned about any of the following taking place in our area, Inappropriate development Inappropriate advertising Over-development Demolition of historic and other important buildings Removal of York stone paving Loss of the area’s historic character then please come along to Wrangthorn Church Hall at 2.00pm on Saturday the 12th March, where you’ll be able […]

Justice is blind

Every single complaint that has been made to the council’s Scrutiny Board about the barbeque proposal has been rejected by the Lib Dem, Conservative and BNP councillors who sit on the board. Why is this? Scrutiny Board chair Councillor Ralph Pryke has described the opponents of the barbeque scheme as “vocal”. His Lib Dem colleague […]

Councillors fear knock on effect on other parks

At this morning’s Scrutiny Board meeting, an application was heard from councillors John Illingworth and Linda Rhodes-Clayton for a reconsideration of the Executive Board decision to proceed with a barbeque area on Woodhouse Moor. During the course of the meeting, Councillor Mick Lyons asked, “If this is a trial, is it going to happen all over?” […]

It’s official – barbecuing on the Moor isn’t Green !

At a meeting earlier today of the full council, the leader of the Green Party, Councillor David Blackburn made the following statement with regard to the council’s proposal to establish a dedicated barbeque area on Woodhouse Moor : “I cannot agree with this scheme. Parks are not for having barbeques and it should be stopped.” […]

The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide

A few weeks ago, the Executive Board went ahead and approved the Lib Dem scheme to establish barbeque areas on Woodhouse Moor. Their decision was not a surprise.  At every preceding forum where the issue has been discussed, Lib Dem and Conservative councillors have voted to a man in favour of the scheme. There was […]

BNP support for Lib Dem barbeque plan

Earlier today, BNP councillor Christopher Beverley voted with Lib Dem and Conservative councillors to reject an application for a review of the Executive Board’s decision to proceed with the barbeque scheme. The application had been made by Councillor John Illingworth (Labour, Kirkstall) and Councillor Linda Rhodes-Clayton (Independent, Hyde Park and Woodhouse) who argued that the […]

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