The Death of Albert Slingsby

Albert at Leeds Civic Hall wearing the ‘Save Our Moor’ banner


Albert Slingbsy was a life-long community activist. I first met him in 2006 at a meeting of the Friends of the Earth. I had gone there to ask for support for the Friends of Woodhouse Moor campaign to stop the council building a pay and display car park on Woodhouse Moor. Albert helped us during that and subsequent campaigns, and became a very good friend.

On the 21st Febriuary 2010, Albert was admitted to St James Hospital with a diagnosis of stoppage of the bowels. For several weeks after his admission, the hospital did nothing to clear the bowel blockage. Instead, all they did was give him morphine for his pain. Initially, they wanted to discharge him without treatment. When they couldn’t discharge him, they came up with a diagnosis of cancer, and placed him on the Liverpool Care Pathway. This allowed them to withhold food and fluids, and to continue to administer morphine. Less than 3 weeks later, he was dead.

A few days before he died, Albert said to his friends Julian and Carl, “They’re murdering me in here.”

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