What the Inspector said when the Grammar School tried to get the N6 Protected status removed from its playing field

Back in the 1990s, Leeds Grammar School wanted planning permission to build on their cricket pitch in Hyde Park. But they had a problem in that the pitch had been given N6 Protected status in the draft Unitary Development Plan. So they appealed to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol against the inclusion of the playing field within the UDP as an N6 Protected Playing Pitch. Here’s what the Inspector said when he made his decision on their application:

In this particular case, the site lies within a generally densely built-up area within which the retention of playing fields may be especially important. I can see no reason to remove this site from Policy N6, especially as the Grammar School has now been relocated at Alwoodley, so that an argument based on their particular needs will no longer apply.

I recommend that no modification be made to the UDP.

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