Conservation Area Appraisal – Exhibition and public meeting at Wrangthorn Church Hall – 2.00 to 4.00pm Saturday 12th March

Wrangthorn Church Hall is the white building on Hyde Park Terrace to the left of Wrangthorn Church

If you’re concerned about any of the following taking place in our area,

  1. Inappropriate development
  2. Inappropriate advertising
  3. Over-development
  4. Demolition of historic and other important buildings
  5. Removal of York stone paving
  6. Loss of the area’s historic character

then please come along to Wrangthorn Church Hall at 2.00pm on Saturday the 12th March, where you’ll be able to express your views on proposals to establish a Conservation Area covering Headingley Hill, Hyde Park and Woodhouse Moor. A draft Conservation Area Appraisal has already been drawn up. You’ll be able to view the document during the Exhibition which begins at 2.00pm and comment on it and suggest changes to it. The public meeting will begin at 2.30pm and the city’s Chief Conservation Officer, Phil Ward will be present during it to talk and to answer questions.

Wrangthorn Church is the impressive stone Victorian church with a spire at Hyde Park Corner. Here is a map showing its location.

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