John Bale calls for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped


Former councillor John Bale is calling for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped. In a letter published in today’s paper, he describes the trolleybus project as a “timid and parochial approach.”

He says that we need a “steel on steel transport system” which will decongest the roads. He ends by saying:

The need now is for political leadership of the kind demonstrated by Councillor Procter, not humble acceptance of second-best solutions.

As well as being a former councillor, John Bale is Emeritus Professor of Construction Management at Leeds Metropolitan University.

One thought on “John Bale calls for the trolleybus scheme to be scrapped”

  1. I am still baffled by this scheme, what problem does this solve that a park and ride at boddington does not, combined with oyster cards, express buses etc.
    The money could be far better spent, it also involves chopping down trees and destroying the local visual amenity by the erection of overhead cabling, not to mention that these are referred to as “the silent death” by cyclists.
    The lunatics appear to have taken over the asylum !

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