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Home » The NGT trolleybus drop-in at City of Leeds School

The NGT trolleybus drop-in at City of Leeds School

City of Leeds School

City of Leeds School


The fifth of the trolleybus drop-ins took place this evening in the main hall at City of Leeds School. It was extremely well attended. Outside it was cold, with snow still lying on the ground. But inside it was warm and inviting. Hot drinks, cake and biscuits were on offer, and headmistress Georgie Sale had very kindly provided a large supply of delicious carrot cake that had only just been baked. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, and I met a number of people I’d not seen before.


The NGT team had prepared the hall in advance, so everything was in place when visitors started to arrive at 5.30pm. There were large scale trolleybus route maps on the walls, and artists’ impressions of how the trolleybus would affect various stretches of the A660. There was also a large scale version of the NGT project timetable which clearly showed the various stages of the project and when they might take place. Friendly NGT staff were on hand to answer people’s questions.

The School Hall

The School Hall


This evening’s drop-in was the best organised of the trolleybus drop-ins so far, and also the most welcoming. Thanks are due to the NGT team for organising it. And especial thanks are due to headmistress Georgie Sale for allowing her fine school hall to be used for the drop-in, and for her hospitality.


Further drop-ins will be held as follows:


Holt Park

Time: 6.00 to 7.00pm
Date: Thursday 31 January 2013
Place: Ralph Thoresby School, Assembly Hall, Holtdale Approach, LS16 7RX


Hunslet Library

Time: 3.00 to 4.30pm
Date: Thursday 7th February 2013
Place: Hunslet Library, Waterloo Road, LS10 2NS


Hunslet, St Mary’s Primary School

Time: 5.30 to 7.00pm
Date: Thursday 7th February 2013
Place: St Mary’s Primary School, School Hall, Church Street, LS10 2QY

2 Responses to “The NGT trolleybus drop-in at City of Leeds School”

  1. Roger Says:

    What has not been discussed is the changing demographic of Leeds 6. The hugely successful anti-student campaigning has led to thousands of (car-less) students fleeing the area and rogue landlords crying in their wake. However, car owning families and professionals will soon be welcomed in to take their place.

    There could be a 20% or 30% increase in car ownership which will result in major parking problems and gridlock along Headingley Lane.

    Also, as the majority of bus passengers (students) are disappearing, First are likely to reduce their services and put prices up to compensate for their loss.

    The Super Tram is the only viable solution and should never have been mothballed.

    The ‘Troll bus’ will not be adequate when 5000 or 10000 extra cars are in the area.

  2. Ray W Says:

    First have increased 1 and 6 to every 7 minutes, 15 on Sundays. Other increases are planned. There is now a £1 fare for everyone from Headingly to the University. First have reduced fares by over 30% in Manchester and Sheffield following partnership agreemnets with the Integrated Transport Authorities in those locations.
    The changing demographics will be good for buses as students are more willing to walk!

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