Oak House demolition

Demolition taking place at Oak House

Demolition is proceeding apace at Oak House in Little Woodhouse. Even though the site is within what Leeds City Council has designated as the city centre, the demolition contractors are not using a water spray to prevent dust from the demolition being dispersed into the surrounding air. This contrasts with what happened at the John Lewis site when a water spray was used to keep the dust down when contractors were demolishing the Eastgate “book-end” designed by world-renowned architect Reginald Blomfield (the Tam O’Shanter pub building). It also contrasts with what happened when contractors used a water spray whilst clearing the site for the new college situated next to the West Yorkshire Playhouse. These were also city centre sites. Unlike those sites, Oak House is adjacent to lots of residential accommodation. When the failure to use a water spray at the Oak House was reported to Leeds City Council, the council’s response was that the demolition contractors at Oak House were doing everything required to prevent dust dispersing into the surrounding air.

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