Meet Chris Dickinson, INWAC’s Maine Man

I met Chris Dickinson at this afternoon’s consultation event that was held at Wrangthorn Church. Chris is our new local Area Management Officer in charge of the team which provides support to the twelve local councillors who together form INWAC (Inner North West Area Committee). Chris is a native of Maine, who has managed to retain his charming accent, despite having lived in the UK for quite a number of years. He’s very keen to work with residents and councillors to make this a better place for everyone, and with all of his American energy and enthusiasm, I really believe he could succeed.Chris Dickinson

This afternoon’s event was well attended and there were plenty of people there from council departments and the police to answer questions.  There was also a very interesting and attractive display of the Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Design Statement.  This will eventually be published by the council as a Supplementary Planning Guide which then ought to be used to inform planning officers and councillors when deciding whether to approve planning applications.

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