Launch of New Conservation Area and NHPNA AGM


At this evening’s launch of theses new Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse At this evening’s launch of the new Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse Moor Conservation Area, guests heard talks from the architects of the new area, Phil Ward, Tony Ray and Pam Bone. Phil is Leeds City Council’s Chief Conservation Officer, Tony is a town planning consultant, and Pam is the local resident who brought everyone together and made it happen.

Amongst the invited guests were Councillor Gerry Harper, Councillor Neil Walshaw, newly elected Councillor Janette Walker, and Yorkshire Evening Post reporter Suzanne McTaggart.

After everyone had had an opportunity to ask questions, the next item on the agenda was the North Hyde Park Neighbourhood Association Annual General Meeting. Chairman Tony Green began by explaining that there was a need to increase the annual subscription, which had remained at £3 per household for as long as anyone could remember. It was agreed by all present that it should be increased to £3 per adult member. Tony went on to say he would be grateful for volunteers to assist with events on Dagmar so that these popular occasions can continue. Finally, three new members were voted onto the committee.

It was an extremely enjoyable evening, and I am sure everyone present would wish to join me in thanking Josie Green for arranging the magnificently presented and delicious refreshments.

This is the new Headingley Hill, Hyde Park and Woodhouse Moor Conservation Area Appraisal.

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