A Rainbow over Little Woodhouse

There was a beautiful rainbow over Little Woodhouse this morning. I wonder if it means there’ll be no more student tower blocks built here (a senior Leeds City Council planning officer has described these edifices as the architectural equivalent of McDonalds). If so, the timing is perfect, since an application was recently submitted (application 08/06992/OT) for another one. It’s to be 7 storeys high and situated on Westfield Road. Leeds City Council has an obligation to establish balanced communities, and yet in recent years has given approval for the construction of several such tower blocks in and on the borders of Little Woodhouse.Little Woodhouse The most recent to be given approval was Chris Ure’s application to build on the former RSPCA site. When the planning committee met to decide the application, a Conservative councillor from Rawdon said “If we must have students, we might as well have them all in one place” ! It’s worrying that the future of our area is being decided by such a prejudiced outsider.

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